To-Do List App | UI & Visual Design

Tackled is an intuitive to-do list app that encourages users to remain calm, focused, and motivated while accomplishing their goals by tackling their to-do list.

Context & Role

Tackled was created as part of a student project for Career Foundry to design a to-do list app in which I served as UI Designer. Responsibility included concept creation, research, and visual design.

Design Problem

Create a to-do list app that helps users reach their goals by staying calm, focused, and motivated with their to-do list.


4 weeks total

Define The Problem

After determining to design a to-do list app that involved goal setting, I researched available apps on the market to identify key functionalities and design patterns to meet those needs.


User Flow & Low-Fidelity Wireframes

With my design patterns in mind, I created a user flow and then sketched out low-fidelity wireframes.

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

I transferred the low-fidelity wireframes to sketch to create mid-fidelity wireframes ensuring that spacing and layout remained consistent by using a 12 column grid.

Visual Design

After gathering inspiration for the visual design, I designed the iconography, color scheme, and typography.


I sketched through several icon options to create cohesive iconography with clear meanings.


I chose a rich green with a hint of blue to encourage the calm, focused, and motivating emotions I am hoping to evoke.


I chose Hind Siliguri as the only font for Tackled to create a clean visual look. I used varying weights and sizes to create visual hierarchy.

Final Designs