Hi, I'm Shelby.

UX/UI Designer working at a FinTech company in the B2B Industry.


In this freelance role, I served as UX/UI designer to design a web app to help international high school students navigate the university application process in the United States. Responsibilities included competitor research, information architecture, usability testing, brand style guide, and UX design.

I served as UX/UI designer & web developer to redesign a 350-page website with a clean, simplified design to improve navigation, UX/UI, and presentation of embedded media libraries (music, lectures, etc.).

I served as UX/UI designer & web developer to provide a sophisticated website that was both creative and intuitive. The client asked for a “brilliant design but still user-friendly.”

I designed a location-based recommendation app to provide personalized recommendations in which I served both as UX and UI Designer. Responsibilities included concept creation, research, visual design, and testing.


After a meaningful career in higher education and non-profits I craved something more creative. Discovering UX/UI was the long-searched-for answer to combining my creative and analytical skills while positively impacting others' lives.

My goal has always been to improve others’ quality of life, but now I do it through beautiful and effortless design. 

In my free time, I love to create art (especially planner spreads & Figma illustrations) and hang out with my husband and our cat, Luna.


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